Minibe: promoting formula?

So you may have seen THIS video post on Minibe’s Facebook page. 

These bottles have become a ‘must have’ in the breastfeeding community. Recommended by lots of mothers as the only bottle that their baby would take. Now I’m not denying the fact that these bottles are helpful for bottle refusing babies, especially when the mother is returning to work. The teat is obviously the most attractive part for these bottles; the shape being closer to that of a nipple during feeding than other bottle teats on the market. 

However, the company had caused controversy within the breastfeeding community by posting that video which seems to promote formula use in their bottles to aid babies sleeping through the night. 

Two issues with this – advertising formula use under 6 months AND the myth that formal fed babies sleep better. 

This video perpetuates the myth that bottle or formula fed babies are more content, sleep better and are less hungry. 

This mother is obviously doing the best she can with the information given to her. From the video, it would seem that her baby; described as being ‘very hungry’ is just a normal baby with a normal appetite and it is normal to not sleep through the night. 

I’m yet to meet one person, adult or child that sleeps straight for 7+ hours without waking or at least rousing. 

The seemingly formula promotion has completely gone against what this company seemed to be all about and the praise that was given to it by the breastfeeding community. There are mothers that are now feeling slightly let down and possibly misled in to believing that a bottle company was truly breastfeeding supportive rather than ‘supportive’ because they have to be by law. 

It is disappointing to say the least. 

*it appears that Minibe have hidden this post from their Facebook page so it can now only be accessed via a link or a share. 


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